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Snowdrop flower pin


We don’t think there is any other plant quite as special and as recognisable as the snowdrop.  It is one of the first flowers we remember identifying as a child. For us and for many others the snowdrop signifies a new year, a fresh start, and a garden awakening with a happy smile. For many people, spotting the first snowdrops to appear is an annual ritual.

This delightful silver plated pin brooch features 2 snowdrops each with 3 hand enamelled white outer petals with green bases, and 3 white and green inner segments with unpainted silver centres. The 2 snowdrop flowers are fixed near the top of a silver plated double stem. The top of the pin clasp of this brooch is in the shape of a heart.


This silver plated and hand enamelled pin brooch is packaged personally by us – we lay the brooch on top of soft tissue paper and sit it inside a white laminated gloss card presentation box with a soft magnetic closure. The box can be reused or recycled, or kept as a keepsake to store your pin brooch.

Snowdrop flower pin brooch: Weight 8g – Dimensions: length 4.5cm x width 3cm x depth 1cm. 

Presentation box dimensions: Length 6.7cm x Width 5cm x Depth 3cm.

Additional information

Weight 48 g
Dimensions 6.7 × 5 × 3 cm


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